Assessment of the ability to work

Work ability assessors are used to close existing gaps between the treating physicians, specialized centers and insurance companies to clarify the ability to work and can thus make an important contribution to increasing the quality of care with regard to the reintegration of sick and accident victims.

A certified work ability assessor (ZAFAS)

  • knows the legal and medical basis of work ability assessment
  • knows the appropriate instruments and Aid for the assessment
  • is able to carry out a standardized clarification and assessment process as well as a structured report creation in the intended quality
  • are aware of their role as assessor and the context of the investigation Clearly
  • understands the principles of assessing other departments
  • knows the needs of potential clients

With this context and background, we carry out assessments of the ability to work for our clients in connection with the implementation of «ZAFAS examinations», medical examinations, reports and in everyday clinical practice (e.g. inquiries from attending physicians).

(source, modified: SIM)